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Founders & Directors of BRIDGE 

We have been married for forty years. Our story is a living display of God's grace, mercy and tenderness. It is one of perseverance, forgiveness and unconditional love, echoing the very heart of God.


At one point in our marriage we experienced seven out of the top ten reasons couples divorce. We have overcome such issues as the death of one of our children, financial ruin and decades of a destructive marriage (just to mention a few). Basically, when we started our marriage we were just two broken people with a ton of baggage, stuck in shame and sin with no clue of who we were in Christ. Life continually threw us curve balls but God always had an amazing plan for us, as He does for you.

Although there has been a tremendous amount of heartbreak and devastation in our lives and marriage, you really wouldn't know it. We’ve embraced our brokenness but we are not defined by it. We choose to be identified by God's faithfulness instead of life's messiness.

Our message is a bit edgy, but such is the message of the cross. We believe that every person and every marriage is valuable and never beyond Jesus' reach. The message we share candidly reveals our process. It tells of how God, in His faithfulness, healed our broken lives and changed our hard hearts. He restored our marriage, family and destiny. Our story is one of hope and inspiration that builds faith. We pray it will deeply touch and heal everyone who hears it.

We currently reside in Santa Maria, California and are the parents of seven very amazing people and the grandparents of fourteen beautiful kids!

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